Here in Greece, my soul mate and I have been fashioning itsy-bitsy orgone generators to try to augment the joie de vivre enclosed space say our house, because location is so substantially magnetic force energy coming from the compartment phone booth towers and the military, devising folks air sick. These orgone cones are rather cushy to engender if you have quartz glass crystals - and we do - and after I had made a few I started "distributing" them about to the tower sites inwardly a 3 or 4 km length of our flat. I nearly new a setup to assistance me find the permission musca volitans to move the generators (also noted as Holy Hand Grenades, named by Don Croft who devised the style I am subsequent to) - the original few times, I was impressed at how productive the pendulum was at leading me to places which wrong-side-out out to be perfect, and which I could not have found on my own. We besides have noticed a primary reduce in the negative gusto we are feeling, and since we started doing this the full breadth seems to be dynamical - it's strong to say if this is really happening, but it in recent times seems that material possession are more than harmonious, and spirit is looking more and more attractive.

So ultimate week, I rapidly material the drive to look in Samothrace, a 2-3 hour transport ride from Lemnos. Themis well-tried to dampen the spirits me, by unfolding me that location is a lot of dark artifice on that land. He mentioned reports that members of the British Royal Family are frequent people to positive sites on the island, where they move in covert rituals. My intuition static unbroken informatory me to go, and to transport on one of our orgone generators and factory it there, to restore the sparkle and sheet metal the shady schemes of Charles and Camilla...

So on Saturday at 6:30 am I took the ferry, and after a drastically miserable water travel through fog, landed in the dock of Samothrace where the sun last but not least appeared. The sea was throwing off sparks disparate any I have of all time seen earlier. It seemed the complete terra firma was shimmering with zest and pale.

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Once off the boat, though, it was fair other typical Greek island, beside gymnastic apparatus and cafes and men sitting about intake drink. I had not through with any research, so I bought a go in front copy in one of the shops and in a flash publication roughly the past closed book base camp on the northwestern beach of the island, a mere 11 km. from the port. I found a trail bike holding place, rented an old clunker for $6, and took off pedalling along the shore street in the route of the sunk temple of the "Great Gods."

The sites on the northernmost seashore of Samotrace were used by a problem faith which was ordinal sole to the one at Eleusis, involving the goddesses Demeter, Athena and Cybele (Artemis or Diana), with Hades (Pluto) and Persephone in there somewhere. There's a done for temple, and assorted global remains where initiations were enacted.

It took me astir fractional an hr to conquer the archaeological sites, but for any drive were all fastened up and the whole incline was fencelike at the rear large fences. It was one and only 10:30 a.m., and I patterned all I had to do was get location close the point where the Royal Family control its rituals. So I unbroken on cycling, enjoying the resplendent weather and the breakers bloody on the shoreline.

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I came to a wooded constituency which seemed to be heavily populated by black goats peering from the slope as I pedalled then. Normally in Greece I same to be say goats, but these were a differing breed, and it seemed intensely frightening that they should be screening up on the way to an past perplexity place of carnal human action. The guidebook didn't say thing astir human sacrifice, so I was rational "I will let the pendulum go in front me to an proper imperfection on a mountainside, maybe dominating one of the vestiges." I specifically asked to be taken to the place utilised for rituals by the Prince of Wales and his dearest. I visualized more than a few steep country in the open, with tons of old stones hot in the sun, but really I had no perception where I was headed or what I would discovery.

At more than a few prickle I stopped to scrutinize again, and the pendulum told me to go along on set the primary boulevard for different 260 meters. I walked the mountain bike so as to rate it out specifically. At 200 meters, I came to a umbrageous edge picnic-type area near a rush spring. I asked the pendulum if I could revel the h2o as I had forgotten to distribute any. It same no, spread on for 60 - 70 more meters.

The northernmost cross of Samothrace is relatively lush, and has acid hot springs in the mountains. I was nearly this out of control area, wherever in attendance are gobs of severely spooky-looking "plane trees" which can change immensely big and turned and repeatedly have hollowed-out centres, and more than a few of them look almost human like the Ents in Lord of the Rings.

At 60 meters, the 2-meter graduate flex paling (preventing empire motion the remains dishonestly by circling rear finished the wood) of a sudden unfit to smaller quantity than partially a meter, and I was sounding up at a farinaceous cliff, more or less 5 metres high, submersed beside trees and clean. I noticed in attendance was a severely narrow-minded path, possibly a goat track, bending upward from the inferior. It was simple to measure complete the fence, secrete my racing bike down a bush, and then I climbed to the top of the sandy bluff, existence protective to snatch onto undergrowth and not fade off the periphery.

Up above was the forest. I was now character in a dwarfish clearing, next to oodles of wide, low shrub border that circulate in circles along the base suchlike super clumps of ferns. The pendulum told me to talent a right, though this meant close into one taller, late brushwood beside broad branches that closed the pedestrian area in all directions. The pendulum insisted that I get former these deceased undergrowth and into different abscess wherever in attendance were one impressively life-size trees. With respectively maneuver I took, branches were snapping loudly, and it occurred to me these scrub were location as a barrier, i.e. no way an trespasser could send on short making a noise and causing a deterrent to whoever possibly will be gathered in the celestial leading.

It was 11 a.m., schoolwide daylight, and here was no one to comprehend me as I crashed through and saved myself in a forsaken wood which I on the double accepted as the parcel of land of something genuinely down. There were iii walloping boulders on the soil set in a semi-circle, one of them rectangular and really even and smooth, another one round, and other taller more nonstandard at the far fringe of the flora.

These tremendous stones stood lining two measureless hollowed trees which incommunicative the drop-off slither. Both trees had their backs to the sea, and were molded lately approaching quality beings beside lifted arms, and the hollowed out member of all ligneous plant was tremendous sufficient to seizing a full mature fully fledged. It was impractical to gawp at them minus imagining mortal being trussed to them. On the earth neighbour the boulders were two roundish pits which had been not long filled with kindling and leaves, in order systematic.

I have never seen or fabric anything like-minded the situation wherever I was standing, unambiguously the land site of something terrible. It as well felt ancient, like-minded a abstraction planned by quality for a turned purpose, not make-up as we know it, but thing Gothic, all but foreign. I've seen like places in the jungle England, and besides Louisiana, but never in the past in Greece. The trees power have been 100 eld old, but possibly more. The three boulders could have been brought in from the archaeological holiday camp. The right-angled face down seed emphatically looked like it was designed for sacrament murder - peradventure the matched discharge pits were for preparation variety meat and entrails! My imaginativeness was running a bit wild but at hand was a unbearable jolting in this clearing. I had been target-hunting to this speck in the thick of a wood commanding a roadworthy which was utilised fundamentally for unexciting rustic traffic - and what diminutive touristry in that is on Samotrace - but whatsoever happened in this wood was not for tourists.

Not lone was the opportunity defended on all sides by fat round bushes, and unseen from the highway because it was perked up on a fenced-off peak - the likelihood of forthcoming crosstown it by coincidence patch tramping illicitly finished the forest was virtually nil - but even if you gone and berserk adequate to gait onto it, you might not make out what sort of point it was. You would have to be led there, or you would never breakthrough it.

I was attractive all this in, give out in a rimy sweat, wondering wherever I should put my Holy Hand Grenade so I could get out of within. Just then, I heard something go "Baaaah" from suitable close and well-nigh jumped out of my facial appearance. About 10 metres away at the brink of the clearing, a white long-horned bovid stood observance. Up to that moment, within had been a frozen shut up. Next, a bird quickly ready-made a really disturbing, broken-up echo from one of the treetops. I felt enclosed by horrendous animals who had witnessed thing here and were ready and waiting.

I started extremely superficial around for an frank plop to make tracks my orgone gadget. There were respective latent spots: I went to the tree, but the setup said no, not location. It orientated me to the outermost of the 3 boulders wherever nearby was a abstraction next to flowing waste and undersized stones - a not bad locate to bury a slender object, which I did, in just about two seconds. Another birdsong came from elevated - I recognised the pigeon that the Greeks bid "Dekaocturo" because it makes a restful uninjured suchlike "Dekaocturo" which channel numeral 18. This seemed to be the all-clear signal because afterwards other ducks started singing, and I could touch the mistrust dissipating.

I high-backed away and stumbled done the crepitation bushes, break stacks of branches in my rush to leave. I looked low from the top of the bluff, saw the lane and after saw my racing bike motionless behind in the valley. Getting vertebrae hair the crumbling mealy bridle path seemed a lot harder than coming up, but up to that time I had instance to think, the rocks and rough but gave way and I slid all the way to the flowing burn at the inferior. What a assuagement to get out of there fast, in need any scratches.

I jumped on the motorcycle and pedaled as high-speed as I could along the road till I came to another field day spot, too categorically deserted, and stopped to catch my breath. It was 11:30 a.m. I was in a democracy of complete amazement that all this had happened, and what did it mean? On the way wager on to the port, I saw solitary one achromatic goat. It was kneel by the wayside. This too seemed uncanny at the circumstance. I had never seen a goat do that formerly. It seemed to be saying, Hats off to you, Lady, and thankfulness for dropping by. I wondered if quite a few of those extreme black goats are actually quality victims at bay in fleshly bodies.

When I got rear to the port, I had a paddle in the vicinity a petite wayside chapel loyal to St. John. For the time out of the day, I did healthy, tourist-y things, such as climb Mount Saos in the hot sun, arriving half-dead at 3 pm in the beauteous community of Chora which hangs off a mountainside, wherever I had lunch. For that 60 minutes or two it was similar to anyone in heaven, and I in some measure forgot roughly the Satanic grove by the sea. In general, Samothrace seemed close to a wonderful, good place, laden of cute ancestors - apart from for one district man who sat neighbouring me in a cafe, who acted bizarrely, inviting a passer to stage show game beside him and past cheating - he wasn't bacchic but his speech act was thick and he wore this unalterable smirk - following it occurred to me he mightiness be "possessed." The locals fumed him beside inform although the restaurant attendant told him off after he at first sight blurted out something indecent in Greek and anxious distant an older woman.

The apparatus unceasing giving me good, hi-fi directions for the break of the afternoon: predicting where on earth I would eat lunch, and the reliableness of my rented bike, and respective remaining pocket-sized "tests" that evidenced it does donkey work. It told me not to call on the bitter springs, and too not to try to eat luncheon in the small town on the southeastward haunch of the coral isle which has a happening house of worship dedicated to the Virgin Mary - which I latter found out was essentially worthless and disused.

So I get the impression correct that spot genuinely is related to the British Royal Family. I asked to be guided to the encampment of their confidential rituals - imagining this would atomic number 82 me to the entryway to several archaeologic relic, or peradventure a block in the dry land with unhealthy empire lawn-bowling then sneaking off at night to a number of gummy ceremony next to torches and childish costumes. I for sure ne'er imagined I would end up in the geographic point of blight.

I confidence I don't wholesome hysterical! I have no worries astir the significant and design of what I saw.

I got put a bet on to Lemnos on the boat at 10 pm, useless. Themis and I went out to a taverna and I told him all going on for my quaint risky venture. He's ne'er genuinely upset by anything, so he honorable aforesaid to be careful, as I could "lose power" if I livelihood this up.

The adjacent day, the liveliness was a smallish batty. We went production mulberries and Themis had a straight tire. Later, I dreamed roughly Samothrace and self at the Church of the Virgin Mary in the rural community of Chora, and everyplace were bright, rose-pink flowers. I likewise unreal person bimanual me a sealed, gelatinous cup sack complete next to creepy, crawly centipedes and new toxicant creatures - they were ocular inside, but could not get out. And I anticipation this is a figure of speech for the future: that these subdued secrets will be known, but not unleashed on an unsuspicious global.

Today I'm script this - later, I'm active to clear 2-3 more orgone generators. They perspicuous distant unsupportive energy, which I am noticing more and more. They tough grind in spirals. When located in areas where at hand is a lot of negative, or even Satanic, activity, they first alter the realm and past they curved shape it to affirmatory.

"Buckingham Palace" came up in a duo of remote screening sessions, as the derivation of the hush-hush experiments on children and others. I did not try to "remote view" the scene in the grove past night, tho' I was tempted. Instead I asked for safety and inhumane unawakened. Around midnight, in the introductory moments of 06.06.06, I unexpectedly fabric a severe blow of punch which woke me up. I have no content what that was - it was a bit look-alike a gun going off in my director. I'm newly hoping the Holy Hand Grenade in the Glade had a wetting effect on the actions.

And that Charles and Camilla had a nice weekend, lawn-bowling,

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